Golf at Guelph Lakes

Our Par 71 Course Overlooks Guelph Lake

Spread across 146 acres of rolling terrain, Guelph Lakes offers an exceptional golfing experience that seamlessly blends environmentally sensitive areas with playful challenges. Boasting a rating of 70.1, with a slope rating of 131, this magnificent course features well-manicured greens and lush fairways that are perfectly seeded with Bentgrass. The rough, comprising a blend of Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass, adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Guelph Lakes Golf Club par 71 course

The Front Nine

Par 4  ◆ Black: 338  Blue: 321  White: 303  Red: 303  Yellow: 272


This par 4 opening hole requires a tee shot placed to the corner of the dogleg (100 yard marker). From here, you face a slightly downhill approach that plays about a half club less. Short approaches will not kick on to this well protected green. A very fair opening hole that can get your round kick started.

Par 3  ◆ Black: 121  Blue: 110   White: 102   Red: 102   Yellow: 87


A short iron is all that is required to this par 3. However, the two-tiered green puts a premium on accuracy. A tee shot to the proper section sets up a great birdie opportunity. Hit in the wrong direction and a three putt is likely.

Par 4   Black: 382  Blue: 366  White: 339  Red: 316   Yellow: 316


Love it or hate it, this hole makes you think. Long hitters can try to cut the corner of the left pond, leaving them with a short approach. However, the results of a missed shot are severe. Most players will lay up between the ponds (favour the right) and be left with a mid- to long-approach to a bunkered green. Par is a great score here.

Par 4   Black: 352   Blue: 332  White: 281  Red: 281   Yellow: 263

A straightaway par 4. The tee shot should be aimed at the middle of the three cross bunkers. From here, a short to mid iron can be played to a flat narrow green. A pin cut on the right can be difficult to attack, so players should favour the left side of the green on their approach.

Par 5   Black: 494  Blue: 481  White: 467  Red: 467   Yellow: 419


The mid length par 5 allows for a great birdie opportunity. Out of bounds protects the entire right side of this hole and an undulating green can cause some putting woes, but you will want to take advantage of this hole.

Par 4  Black: 395  Blue: 379  White: 368  Red: 254   Yellow: 254


A dogleg right par 4 with a pond on the right side. The tee shot should be aimed at the left side of the fairway, as the land slopes towards the pond. This will leave a slight downhill approach to a tiered green. Be careful putting here; downhill putts can be very fast.

Par 3  Black: 173  Blue: 144  White: 101  Red: 101   Yellow: 82


A beautiful par 3 over environmental area. Short is not an option on this hole which features a narrow green with two distinct sections separated by a deep swale. There is room to miss long, but a delicate chip will be required to save par.

Par 4    Black: 444  Blue: 423  White: 381  Red: 319   Yellow: 319


This long par 4 is one of the most difficult holes on the course. Two great shots are required to reach this hole in regulation. This green slopes from front to back on the left side, making it a difficult pin to get close to. You can run the ball onto the green on the right side, but be careful—there is a hazard over the back.

Par 4  Black: 332  Blue: 323  White: 308  Red: 308   Yellow: 280 


An uphill par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot with mounds on the right and hazards on the left. The approach shot must finish in the proper section of this multi-tiered green or three putts will be common. The Toronto Star Bogey Man called this one of his favourite greens.

The Back Nine

Par 3  Black: 174  Blue: 157  White: 140  Red: 140   Yellow: 119


This downhill par 3 plays one club shorter than the yardage. A bunker protecting the right side of the green makes pin placements on this side difficult. The left side is very accessible. A hill on the left helps errant shots kick back toward the green. Hazard behind the green means long is not an option.

Par 4  ◆ Black: 393  Blue: 383  White: 343  Red: 343   Yellow: 310


An uphill tee shot with trouble on the left. From the crest of the hill, you will be left with a mid-length approach to an open green. Hazard over the back of the green makes club selection crucial. Pay attention to the slope of the green. Aggressive putts can get away from you.

Par 4  Black: 391  Blue: 370  White: 348  Red: 348   Yellow: 328


A narrow tee shot with mounds right and hazard left. Driver is not always the best option here. Once you find the fairway, you will face a second shot over an environmental area to a receptive green. With the ball in the proper section you have a good chance to make a putt on this green.

Par 5  Black: 554  Blue: 526  White: 510  Red: 510   Yellow: 371

This uphill par 5 can only be reached in two shots by the longest hitters. With hazard on the left, your tee shot should favour the right side. Most players will find themselves facing a third shot from around 100 yards and controlling your distance on your approach is a must to this bunkered, tiered green.

Par 4   Black: 395  Blue: 361  White: 353  Red: 353   Yellow: 314


The tee shot on this par 4 must be kept right, as there is hazard and bunkers down the left. The far bunker on the right is a good target. Your approach must be the right distance to this green featuring two distinct levels. Chipping and putting on this green can be tricky.

Par 4  Black: 333  Blue: 323  White: 294  Red: 294   Yellow: 262


A straightforward par 4 requiring a tee shot to the end of the fairway (100 yard marker) and a short approach to a flat putting surface. Try to take advantage of this hole before preparing for an exciting stretch of finishing holes.

Par 4  Black: 314  Blue: 289  White: 279  Red: 279   Yellow: 263


This par 4 presents you with two options: lay up to the flat of the hill (100 yards from the green) or gamble and try to drive it down to the flat in front of the green. If you go for it, aim left of the big tree at the top of the hill. The green is narrow and sloped, providing a challenge once you get there. This is a true risk-reward hole.

Par 3    Black: 203  Blue: 179  White: 155  Red: 132   Yellow: 132


A long par three requiring a tree-lined tee shot over an environmental area. Tee shots should favour the front right side of the green; even misses here allow for a simple chip shot. Attacking a back left pin is difficult with a bunker protecting shots with mid to long irons or even a wood.

Par 5  Black: 603  Blue: 537  White: 509  Red: 430   Yellow: 430 


This monster par 5 (604 yards from the back tees) is a true three-shot hole. Both the tee shot and lay up must be carefully placed between the hazards, and your uphill approach plays longer than the yardage. A tiered green will present one more challenge to finish your round. A par here is a great finish!

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Severe Weather

The course does not have a weather warning in place, and we do not sound a horn for threatening weather. Golfers are to use their own discretion when threatening weather approaches and should cease play and head to a rain shelter or return to the clubhouse. If the course becomes unplayable due to weather conditions, golfers will be notified and asked to return to the clubhouse.

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