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Guelph Lakes Golf Academy
provides quality instruction and a first class practice facility. Our instructors focus on helping you achieve your goals in golf and will put together a lesson and practice routine to help you accomplish them. Regardless of experience, our instructors will help you to play better golf and enjoy the game.

CPGA Instructors: Brian Bard, Dennis Snyder, Paul Walton, Glen Kraemer, Colin Black

Private Lessons- 45 min each
1 Lesson $60 + tax
2 or more lessons $50 + tax per lesson

Group Lessons- 1 hour each
2 people $40 + tax per person
3 people $30 + tax per person

Junior Lessons- 30 min each
1 junior $25 + tax
2 juniors $15 + tax per person

On Course playing lesson
1 person $85 + tax
2 people $60 + tax per person

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To book an appointment, please call the Proshop (519 822-4222
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